Huamei Group was founded in 1991, located in Chashan, Dongguan. Huamei Group is a market leader in food production FMCG, with company size of over 2000 employees and mainly focuses on baked goods and Chinese mooncakes. Besides food production, Huamei Group also invests in and manages production line machineries, raw ingredients, retails and financial services business. Currently, Huamei Group operates in both Dongguan and Hubei production plants with a total factory size of over 200 thousand sqm. Benefiting from more than 10 automated production lines, Huamei Group can produce over 2.2 million mooncakes and 120 tons of biscuit daily.


—— Huamei Group

To secure the source and quality of raw ingredients, Huamei has invested in a lotus harvesting base in Hubei and a flour supply center in Henan. Further ensuring a strong supply chain, Huamei also has funded businesses in product packaging, food machineries, sales branches, marketing firms and retail franchises.

To date, Huamei Group owns brands such as “Huamei”, “Daily Cereal”, “Soft Waffle”, “Kinglisa”, “Crispy Cake” and “O’McCarr”, and supplies products to both domestic and international markets throughout the year.

We are one of the biggest snack OEM manufacturers in China. While we focus on our retail networks, our advantage in production capacity has allowed us to become a super brand for biscuits, snacks and mooncake OEMs.


—— Hubei Branch Factory

Founder and Chairman of Huamei Group, Sam Xupei Yuan, is also a philanthropic leader. “Be kind and do right” is Sam’s motto throughout these years. Huamei Group donates to orphanages on yearly basis; supplied mooncakes to Chinese diplomatic corps for 8 consecutive years; and generous donor during Wenchuan earthquake, Yushu earthquake, Ya’an earthquake and Southwest drought.

Employees of Huamei Group have always worked hard to fulfill the mission of “Create modern delicacy and spread high quality lifestyle”. With this in mind, we have strived to provide safe, healthy and delicious food and driven business excellence. Huamei Group aims to become a passionate and friendly brand to the public and become one of our partners.