First Food FMCG Business Partner with China Post

Besides retail channels, partnership with China Post and our group-buying channels gave us unique competitive advantages. Since 1991, Huamei Group has been working with China Post in all strategic levels (states, cities and suburbs) to strengthen sales volume. With mooncakes and gift series as the main OEM project, over 20%of China Post’s mooncake sales are from Huamei Group.

Mature and Modern Factory

Huamei Group has positioned its factory to be modern, with key focuses on Professionalization, deliver at scale, Customization and differentiation. Depending on the needs of clients, Huamei is able to tailor its OEM offering to suit different demands.


Strong Brand and Capacity

As an industry leader, Huamei Group has insisted in branding for over 25 years. The brand has developed by brand building, event marketing and external consultations to improve product, quality and media exposure.

Huamei Group owns 2 production plants in Dongguan and Hubei, with a plant size of over 160,000 sqm. Over 10 automated production lines can produce 2.2 million mooncakes and 120 tons of biscuits daily. Strong output and stable quality provided strong support for our OEM partners.

Professional and Service-Oriented

There are over 2000 employees in Huamei Group. Specifically, there are 168 employees in R&D and technical department, 28 engineers and the group frequently seeks advices and consultation from external professionals and senior consultants. Furthermore, 70% of employees have stayed in the group for over 5 years. There is a dedicated OEM team and specific R&D and Product Design departments to customize products to your needs.

More importantly, Huamei Group has experienced sales and marketing teams in the Chinese food FMCG market. As a result, the teams will be able to quickly develop data-driven branding and marketing plans for you. If you are seeking a qualified OEM partner in China, Huamei Group can provide quality full-service to get you quickly on-board.